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Monday, 20 January 2014

Living out our faith

funky painted trees in playground
at Jeel al Jamal
While on the Hope bus we were visiting the Jeel Al Amal orphanage school and kindergarten in Bethlehem the other buses on our pilgrimage went elsewhere. The Love bus visited  The Jerusalem Princess Basma Center for Disabled Children while the Faith bus went to the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation
All three of these organisations are doing wonderful work with children who have many different special needs in this torn and wounded part of the world, and we are reminded in our evening reflections at the end of the day that we live out our faith practically in projects such as these.
We are also called to reflect that evening on why projects such as these seem so often to be led by strong women. I think the founder's daughter at the Jeel Al Amal school had an answer. The school was born, she told us, "out of the womb of suffering."
Tomorrow we will abandon our buses and the day will be all on foot, in the old city of Jerusalem. It promises to be a very full day.

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  1. Women are inclined to become involved in projects involving caring for those in need.